A hug a day keeps the doc away


I need a hug. A good old, wrap me up and keep me warm hug. And if it leads to cuddling, so be it.

Seriously, I’ve been stressed out lately, and a hug could really go a long way.

And it’s a lot more than just that warm, fuzzy feeling that you get when you’re held in someone’s arms. Hugs actually have many health benefits, so it’s important to hug, and be hugged, as much as possible.

The ultimate stress relief.
Experts have found hugs to be an excellent source of stress relief. This is because of the release of oxytocin, a hormone known as the “bonding hormone”. Besides the fact that this hormone is responsible for what we consider a sense of attachment to another, oxytocin also has great healing abilities. It reduces stress hormones and helps prevent the common cold, greatly attributed to stress. A simple hug, a warm embrace, a couple minutes of cuddling. That’s all it takes to release this hormone and reduce stress levels.

Matters of the heart.
In addition to greatly benefiting our stress levels, hugs are very important for our hearts. First off, the same stress-reducing hormone released by hugs also is known to lower our heart rate. And studies have shown that people who don’t get hugged often have an increased heart rate, accompanied by a number of health risks. But besides the steady heart rate, hugs also warm up your heart and make you feel loved. This is just as important as the physical benefits of a good old hug.

Hug for the sake of hugging.
Hugging is important. This much I’m sure you’ve all understood by now. Hug for your health. Hug for the health of those you’re hugging. But a hug is also much more than that. Being hugged gives you a sense of love and protection, a feeling that you matter. A hug makes you feel good about yourself. Makes you feel a bond with the one you’re embracing. Even without all the added health benefits, isn’t this reason enough to hug?

So find someone, anyone, and hug away. Wrap your arms around him, or her, and don’t let go. because a hug a day really can keep the doctor away. It’s as simple as that.


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