Dream Big, Work Hard…Can’t Lose


On Christmas Day, 2016, a French skipper shattered a world record. Thomas Coville, on his 5th attempt, sailed around the world, alone, in 49 days – beating the former record by 8 days! And by completing this unbelievable task at the age of 48, this skipper showed the world that dreams don’t come true on the first try.

If you dream big and you work hard, you can’t lose.

Practice makes perfect

Popular psychology writer, Malcolm Gladwell, developed a famous theory that explains extraordinary skill. In order to become world-class at any specific skill, 10,000 hours of practice is required. While this theory hasn’t been proven as fact, it seems right enough.

And when you examine the absolute best in any field, you can see this to be true. You’re aren’t born the best in anything. With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, you can strive to perfection.

Michael Jordan wouldn’t be Michael Jordan if he wasn’t the first in and last out for years on end. Pele wouldn’t have captured the heart of millions around the world if he didn’t practice all day, every day, on the soccer field. The Beatles didn’t just wake up one day and say, “you know what? Let’s be the biggest band in the world today!”. They all worked hard. They all understood the importance of practicing your art, honing in on your skill. And because of this, they all deserve to be at the level that they are today.

Love what you do, do what you love

Yes, practice is very important. But it’s not enough. If you really want fulfil a dream, it has to be something you love. Something you’re passionate about. You’re not going to leave blood, sweat and tears on the field if you don’t love playing. You’re not going to continue going to auditions, rejection  after rejection, if you don’t love acting. Or singing. Or dancing. You don’t become Barack Obama if you aren’t passionate about making a change. If you heart isn’t in it, it simply won’t work. Not even with a million hours of practice.

So, remember, find your passion, the thing that burns your insides, and start practicing. Work on your skill and don’t stop. Ever. Because when you dream big and you work hard, you can’t lose!

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