Earth: Our World, Our Home, Our Life


This past Saturday, April 22, was Earth Day. The official campaign for 2017 is environment and climate literacy. Sounds important. Well, it is.
And after thinking about it for a while, I decided that this whole concept is kind of upsetting. Why do we, as inhabitants of this planet, even need “Earth Day”? Shouldn’t the fact that we live here be enough to make every day Earth Day?

You broke it. You bought it.
Ok. This is a well-known and well-accepted concept. It’s quite simple – if you broke it, you have to pay for it. Now don’t take this too literally and actually expect someone to buy the whole planet, but something has to be done about us braking this wonderful world. It’s time for us, together and as one, to step up to the plate and accept responsibility for what we broke. Don’t think that Earth is broken? Think again…

A sick child or a broken home.
There are two ways to look at our planet – as our child or as our home. A child, because it’s up to us to nurture it, take care of it and watch it grow. A home, because we all live on this planet, together as a family. And it doesn’t matter if you view Earth like the former or the latter, the sentiment is the same. Climates have gone bananas – with summers that are too hot, winters that are too cold, droughts in the rain-forests and floods in the desert. If your child had a fever, a cold, a cough or a rash, you’d take him to the doctor and give him the care he requires. If your home was too hot or cold, you’d fix the AC. If your plumbing had a leak, or your electricity went out, you’d probably call a professional to fix the situation. No one expects you to sit in the dark, or leave a clogged toilet. So why aren’t we treating our planet with the same respect?

From “use” to “abuse”.
 Whether you believe in God, evolution or even a mix of both, one thing is certain – we are constantly growing. We, human-beings, started as one person alone on this Earth. Call him Adam, call him a monkey-turned-man, call him whatever you want. We started out as one. Today, we are more than 7 billion tiny creatures called mankind, living on this generous planet, using and abusing any recourse we can find. I intentionally use the term “use & abuse” because that’s exactly what we do. We’re a greedy species that knows no satisfaction. When have we ever been able to say “enough”? We’ll chop all our trees because we need wood, but who cares if we run out of air? We’ll kill our mammoths ’cause we need coats and rugs, but who cares if we completely destroyed a population?
The religious man might say, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”, but I think a slightly more suitable quote should be, “The Lord giveth and man taketh away”…

Time to wake up and…
Smell the roses, before we destroy them as well. Come on people, it’s time to face the music and deal with the reality that we created for ourselves. The whole in the O-zone won’t close itself. Endangered species won’t start thriving anytime soon. When the oil runs out, who’s keeping the lights on? Truth be told, it’s probably too late to repair the damage that we’ve caused, but at least we can stop braking and start thinking about how to repair.

There is one way to achieve this lofty goal – treat every day like it’s Earth Day. Earth is our world, Earth is our home, Earth is our life. It’s time to treat it accordingly.

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