Easter fun facts


This past Sunday was Easter, a Christian Holiday with a colorful twist. Also known as Pascha, or Resurrection Sunday, is the festive holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. So, to join in on the celebration, here are a few fun facts about Easter!


1. Easter is the oldest Christian holiday, and one of the most important.


2. The concept of Easter bunnies handing out eggs and candy is rooted from Mid-age Germany.


3. Eggs are a symbol of rebirth in many different cultures and religions. Easter eggs also represent joy and a celebration of life. 


4. The traditional White House Easter egg hunt dates back to 1878, and has been an annual tradition ever since! 


5. In the U.S., more than 90 billion eggs and 90 million chocolate bunnies are produced for Easter. Easter is the second largest day for candy consumption, after Halloween. 


6. The tradition of coloring eggs for Easter started in Ukraine, and has become a part of the family fun traditions ever since. 


7. Last, but not least, meet the Easter Bilby (what?!?). Rabbits are considered pests in Australia, so they use the Australian native Bilby as an alternative symbol for Easter.

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