Grandma style

Why is it that grandma always knows best?

Whether it’s advice on recipes, style, relationships or even life in general, grandma seems to always have the perfect answer. So, where exactly do our lovely grandmothers get this special touch?

Grandma’s kitchen – second to no other

The first, and most obvious, trait that everyone notices about their grand-mama is the cooking. It’s always the best and most delicious. This, without a doubt is thanks to years of experience and a lack of technology. Our beloved elderly didn’t have iPhones or apps, laptops or even cooking TV shows. In fact, for the most part, they barely even had TVs. But years of cooking for the family, relying on the memory of smells and tastes has given them an advantage that simply can’t be beat. YOU NEVER MISS A MEAL AT GRANDMA’S!

Wisdom that comes with age

When you need advice, you know who to go to…grandma! And it’s not only because she’s seen it and done it all. Scientists have discovered that our emotional intelligence peaks after the age of 60. Therefore, grandparents and grandchildren often share a bond that parents simply can’t understand. Grandma can show empathy, be sensitive and even put a positive light on the toughest of situations. Basically, research has proven that grandmothers are the perfect shoulder to cry on!

When old becomes vintage

Style, fashion and class. It’s a funny thing how the wheel keeps on turning. The trends, the clothes and the pop culture. What was cool for your grandparents became outdated and old for your parents, as the new pushed out the old. Today, however, your parents’ cool has become your old and irrelevant. And your’ grandparents’ old and outdated has become cool again, in thanks to the magic word – vintage. Vintage seems to skip a generation until it truly becomes hot again. Just another reason to show why grandma knows best…

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