Happy Birthday


Celebrating a birthday isn’t always fun. It’s meant to be, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

And I’m not talking about celebrating my own birthday, I’m talking about celebrating with somebody else. Now you’re probably thinking to yourselves that I’m some kind of anti-social grouch, trying to rain on everyone’s parade. But I’m just being real, honest and a bit blunt.

Birthdays can be a burden.

But they don’t have to be. I know, your intentions are good and all that you wanted was to celebrate your birthday with your friends and family. Unfortunately, the path to hell is paved with good intentions.

So, here is my request…

Remember that birthdays are meant to be fun. Key word – fun. Fun isn’t necessarily big or extravagant, wildly expensive or excruciatingly time-consuming. Fun is fun.

I’m not trying to tell you how to celebrate – to each his own. Just think of this as a friendly suggestion.

Remember that when you invite someone to your birthday celebration, they feel compelled to come. Whether it’s because they genuinely love you and want to join you on your happy day, or it’s because they guilted themselves into coming. It really doesn’t matter the reason, just know that people are coming. And these people have their own lives, their own problems to deal with and they probably aren’t as excited about your birthday as you are. It’s only natural and very legitimate.

That’s why I suggest that you remember this when you are planning your birthday. Consider the possibility that a birthday can be a burden, it’s not all fun and games. Unless all of your guests are extremely rich and money isn’t even a thought, don’t celebrate at the most ridiculously expensive restaurant. Unless all your guests are in a frat, don’t celebrate with a party at a night club that opens at 2am. And it doesn’t even matter what friends you have, don’t invite anyone to celebrate your birthday at a place that’s 3 hours away and makes you wake up at 7am on a Saturday!

Keep it simple. Keep it friendly. Keep it fun. and one last thing…

Happy birthday!

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