Jerusalem, city of gold


Jerusalem. A city like no other. Some call it the holiest city in the world. Others, the center of the universe. Personally, I like to refer to Jerusalem as the “city of gold”.

And it’s not because the streets are paved with gold. There aren’t any gold statues decorating the city’s alleys. The people, for the most part, aren’t exactly rich and swimming in gold. But by using this expression to describe this ancient city, we pay homage to the rich history, the historical significance and the mysterious attraction that the world seems to have on this small city, stuck in the heart of the Middle East. Throughout the years, all eyez have been on Jerusalem.

Archaeological evidence shows that Jerusalem’s earliest settlement was sometime around 4000 BCE and the first known mention of this ancient city can be found in Egyptian texts dating back to 2000 BCE. So, how can we summarize more than 5,000 years of history? Well, in short, Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, under siege 23 times, captured 44 times and attacked 52 times. Wow. Apparently people really wanted to control this city. And they still do.

I think that looking at the mind-boggling history of this city helps us understand exactly how significant Jerusalem is for so many people. Why has such a small city, made of stone, stairs and alleys, had such an influence on the world?

Jerusalem is the light, surrounded by a region of darkness. Jerusalem is hope, for anyone in despair. Jerusalem is the house of God, for everyone that has faith. Jerusalem is a prize, in the eyez of almost every great conqueror in history.

In a world full of sand and stone, Jerusalem is the city of gold.

If these stone walls and narrow alleys, going up and down through the city’s mountain terrain, could talk, they would have a ton to say. They would probably describe the blood-shed, the battles, the sieges and the kingdoms that marched through these city gates. The Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock, the City of David. This ancient, beautiful, golden city has always been a mystery of this universe.

And today, Jerusalem is still at the center of attention. Jews, Muslims and Christians all want there rightful share to this city. But Jerusalem is much more than a religious sight. It’s a melting pot like no other. Home to the religious and secular, Israelis and Palestinians, poor and rich, priests and politicians. Jerusalem is a mix of ancient and modern, a mix of cultures, a city that knows how to take a hit and keep on going.

Jerusalem is a survivor. Jerusalem is a city of gold, and it will forever shine.

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