Man’s Best Friend


Dogs are better than cats. This is not my opinion, it’s just pure fact, undeniable and indisputable.
Before all of you cat lovers throw a fit and get all riled up, let me explain why dogs truly are man’s best friend.

First off, there’s no denying the special emotional connection that dogs have with their owners. They can sense when we are happy, excited, sad or even scared, and they’ll act accordingly. We can see this in various different ways and occasions. When danger is lurking, dogs can sense this and they immediately become very protective. There are endless stories about a dog saving his owner from dangerous situations. Not only are dog’s protective, but they are very loyal…probably the most loyal of animals. They’ll always have your back, miss you when you’re gone and get adorably excited when they see you after a prolonged absence. Just type “dog welcomes soldier home” on youtube and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Unlike cats, who are unengaged and not particularly interested with what’s going on around them, a dog will always inject life into the room. He’ll bring you a tennis ball to play catch, run around and chase his tail to show you he wants some outdoor time or just cuddle with you on the couch, rolling over to receive a belly rub. An added bonus is that your dog will likely keep you more in-shape than any cat could ever do.

Also, while it may seem that dogs require much more attention than cats when it comes to upkeep, it’s actually not entirely correct. Once trained, a dog will hold it in all day if he has to, but he won’t turn your house into a toilet. A cat on the other hand, litter-ally has a box sitting in your living room. Enjoy cleaning that out every week. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that dogs don’t go around your house vomiting fur balls in random places.

Dogs also happen to be very smart, much smarter cats. You can train them to sit, roll over, dance and fetch stuff for you. Plus, while dogs may be wild and energetic with their adult owners, they are fully capable of realizing that babies need more gentle and soft interaction. Dogs with babies are nearly as cute as dogs greeting soldiers (trust me, I’ve done my video-watching research).

Last but not least, there is a dog for everyone. Big or small. Energetic or lazy. Dogs with big droopy eyes and dogs with fluffy puffy fur. Anyone and everyone can find the dog that suits them best. And unlike cats, dogs will love you forever.

So, sorry cat-lovers, but man already has a best friend.

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