No Boundaries


“Limits, like fear, are often just an illusion.”Michael Jordan

Trust him. He knows what he’s talking about.

We all have fears and limits. But it’s not what we fear that’s important, it’s how we face that fear and push those limits. So, here is your guide to living without boundaries…

Mind games

The first step to conquering a fear is to remember that it’s all a mind game. Once you can realize that your fear is only in your mind, you will realize that you can face it. Acknowledge the fear, or limit.  Be aware and make a conscious decision to face your fears and push your limits. This may take practice, but once you are mindful, you can process your thoughts much more effectively and channel them to overcoming your fear.

Never give up

Pushing yourselves to new limits is never easy. Facing your fears isn’t exactly fun. But once you’ve decided that you refuse to give in to these boundaries, you can never give up. Just decide that quitting is not an option. Plain and simple. Perseverance is key.

Own your story

When trying to reach new limits, or face old fears, it can help to treat it as a story. Write a journal. Study your fears and get to know your limits. Write about each attempt, learning more about yourself along the way. And when you feel ready, and only you will know, rewrite your story. Envision yourself conquering the fear and passing the limits and write it down. The act of writing it down will help you feel committed to fulfilling it.

Laugh it off

If you ever feel frustrated by your limits, or hopeless against your fears, try to let loose a bit. Try to joke about it. Don’t take things so serious. Adding some humor to the situation will help you put things in perspective and allow you minimalize the impact that your fears have on you. This too can help you to achieve your goal.


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