Student Survival


I’m deep into finals, exam period or whatever else you may call it. The name isn’t important, but the difficulty and depression are all the same. Especially for students like me, who seemed to forget that they were students throughout the semester, and all of a sudden realize that finals have arrived and they don’t know anything!

Panic alert.

Lucky for me, I’m a master procrastinator, so I know how to deal with the pressures of last-minute study marathons that dive deep into the night. And lucky for you, I’m here to share some of my hard-earned experience and wisdom!

So, how does a lost student find his way and survive these hard times?

Important, urgent, not important, not urgent…

First step to surviving this intense time is to prioritize. Divide your tasks using two simple questions – is it important? And is it urgent? If you are facing a task that is both important and urgent, this is obviously on the top of your to-do list. If the task on hand isn’t important and isn’t urgent, then, it should be on the bottom of your list and the last thing on your mind. Deciding between urgent, but not important, and important, but not urgent is a choice I’ll leave up to you. Once you categorize your long list of tasks and worries, you can see clearly what the correct path of action is.

Power naps are powerful

I’m a big fan of sleep. Don’t get much of it, but nonetheless a big fan. I’m an even bigger fan of power naps. Not 2-hour siestas after lunch that knock you out, but more of the 20-30-minute kind. These short naps aren’t called “power naps” for nothing. They’ve got just the right amount of kick in them to help you get through a long day of studying. And besides the extra juice, power naps are great for regrouping your thoughts and refocusing your energy and concentration. Think of it as a reset button for your mind. In my experience, a 20-minute nap can be just as valuable as a 2-hour study session.

Stress relief

Tests, exams, finals. This brings on stress. A lot of it. And in order to survive exam period in one piece, it’s important to find ways to release the stress. If you’re trying to cram a bunch of material all at once, your brain goes into overload and your body feels it. Whether it’s tense muscles, stress-induced overeating, loss of appetite or whatever else it may be, the side effects of stress aren’t exactly fun, and they definitely hurt you chances of success during finals. Find the time to do sport, play video games, watch a movie or whatever it is that you do to release your stress. Pencil it in your schedule and don’t let the overwhelming rush of exam period get the best of you!

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