Why I miss the 80’s

Growing up as a kid in the 80’s was the absolute best. Especially when I observe how I grew up compared to how my kids are growing up today. In this technological age, it seems that babies are born with an iPhone in hand and a “give me everything, and give it now” attitude that will forever scar their childhood memories, leaving them without some of the greatest experiences that I experienced as a kid.

So without further ado, here are some of my reasons why nothing can beat growing up in the 80’s.


The sports

Technology makes everything better. That’s what I keep hearing, but absolutely refuse to accept. While technology may have helped athletes become stronger, healthier and even even more athletic, it did not necessarily make sports better. It made it worse. In the age of Facebook and twitter, where everyone is friends with everybody, athletes seem to have lost their competitive edge. You would never see Michael Jordan or Larry Bird tweeting congrats to each other and you would never see athletes joining teams to win together. Athletes of the 80’s were true competitors, knocking each other out on the way to the top. The gladiator-type of competitors from the 80’s has been replaced with soft, “let’s be friends” athletes that are more wrapped up with their personal brand rather than their team.

The style

Imagine a time when Air-Jordans and Vans topped the shoe charts…as new products! Granted, not all of the 80’s style is noteworthy, but how can you deny the coolness of leather jackets, colorful nylon sports outfits and shorts that were so short you could truly appreciate the breeze. Honestly, everything about the 80’s style is better than today’s (except the leather pants, of course).

The music

Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Madonna.

The hair bands that took rock to a new level.

The beginning of rap and hip-hop, before it became as popular as coca-cola.

The ability to show off your massive cd collection. Mixed tapes.

Enough said, point proven.

The gaming technology

Yes, you may have your PlayStation 4, xbox one, Nintendo Wii and whatever else that was introduced last night (the list never ends and nothing is ever enough for you!), but the 80’s had arcades. So what if your 8-year-old can connect to some 35-year-old in a basement halfway around the world to play Counter Strike or some game about dungeons and dragons. Where’s the social interaction, the gathering of friends and the independence of hanging out outside the house? In the 80’s, the ultimate way to pass time was to meet up with your friends at the local arcade. Nothing beats bringing a bag of quarters to the arcade and showing off your gaming skills to the rest of the local kids – that’s how you built your rep back then.

Looking at kids grow up today, the only thing that crosses my mind is how unlucky they are to have missed out on the best decade modern times had to offer, take me back to the 80’s.

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