The best things in life are free


OK…So almost nothing in life is really free. But the best things in life can be. Instead of searching for material happiness, always wanting more and never forgetting what you don’t have, look at the glass half full and appreciate the small things in life.

This is my key to living a healthy, well-rounded life.

Love is free. It really doesn’t matter where the love comes from, as long as you can feel it and appreciate the fact that love might actually be the best thing in life. Whether it’s from your parents, siblings, children, spouse or even pet, love shouldn’t be taken for granted. And taking a moment to appreciate the loves in your life will definitely bring a warm smile to your face.

Nature is free. It might take some money to be able to see all that nature has to offer, up front and personal. But that sense of awe when you see a natural beauty, that breath-taking sensation when you see a natural wonder, the moment of silence when you realize that greatness is before your eyez. All of that is free, my friends.

Laughter is free. If laughter moves you to tears, cherish that moment. Appreciate it. Realize that it won’t happen every day. It’s a tough world that we live in, and laughter is another one of those little things in life that help us get through the day.

Friendship is free. Just chilling with some friends, messing around and having a good time. Friendship is undoubtedly one of the most important things in life. So, appreciate the friends in your life. Appreciate not being lonely. Having someone to lean on. Knowing that they’ve got your back. Yes, life is good when you’ve got friends by your side.

And you know what?

There are plenty of other good things in life to enjoy that are free. All you have to do is learn to love the little things.

Sunsets. Sunrises. Mom’s home-cooked meals. A jog in the park, or along the coast. Sunlight. The smell of fresh-cut grass. Finding a classic book in the library. Watching a great sports game. Working hard and reaching a goal. All of these great feelings come at little to no cost. And all you have to do is realize that these are the best things in life.

If you have, and appreciate, all of this in your life, you’ll never feel the need for a fancy car, expensive jewelry or first-class flights. Money can’t buy happiness. That’s because the best things in life are free.



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    Carlos Cruz
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    I really like this post. Thanks for sharing!

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