The wonders of water


Last week, I was stuck in bed with the flu. Usually, when I’m sick, I become a big baby and exaggerate every little pain or discomfort. But this time, I was really, really sick. And while I was stuck in bed, trying to cry my fever away, all anyone could do to help was try and give a little bit of advice.

That’s what happens when you’re sick. All of a sudden, everyone’s a doctor. Eat this, drink that, stay away from this and definitely don’t do that. But the one thing that everyone agreed upon is this simple piece of advice –

Drink plenty of water. And that I did.

This week, I’m feeling much better, so I decided to investigate – what’s so important about drinking water?

It’s all about balance.

The main reason why drinking water is so important, is the balance it provides for your body fluids. Our bodies consist of 60% water, helping us digest, transfer minerals and nutrients throughout the body and maintaining a steady body temperature. And when we lose this balance of fluids, we feel thirsty (thanks, brain) and it’s very important to drink fluids to help restore the balance. If we neglect our needs, and don’t replenish our bodies with water, we’ll dehydrate and cause serious harm to ourselves.

Water is good for the waist.

Besides being key for our balance of fluids, water also helps anyone looking to shed a pound or two. Replacing high-calorie beverages with water helps lower your calorie intake and stay on the path of weight-loss and waist-trimming. Also, food containing high levels of water, such as fruits and vegetables, are very good for your dieting needs.

The official beverage of athletes everywhere.

Another important benefit of drinking plenty of water is the energy for your muscles. Lack of water and fluids in the body causes under-performance and risk of injury to the muscles. Besides drinking water during exercise, to replace the fluids lost by sweating, it is highly recommended to start loading up on fluids a couple hours before the exercise itself.

So, whether you’re stuck in bed with the flu, or you’re up and about, completely healthy, don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink a lot! Enjoy the many wonders of water…

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