Why I miss ‘Entourage’…


Recently, I started watching re-runs of HBO’s hit series, Entourage. I remembered loving this show throughout high school, though I couldn’t remember exactly what it was about this show that made it so appealing to me. Now, watching it all over again, the adventures of Vincent Chase and his entourage, I realize what made this show such a hit.

As the old Greek saying goes,”one loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives”. And that, my friends, is what “Entourage” is all about. And this is why almost every guy could relate to this show.

Hollywood Dreamin’

At first, and most shallow, glance, it’s easy to understand why us guys are big fans of this show. Loosely based on the life of Mark Wahlberg, this is the story of a group of childhood friends, simple kids from Queens, New York, living it up in Hollywood, riding on the back of their movie star – Vinny Chase. Now, I want you to try and show me any guy that has never dreamed of being rich and famous, partying with models, movie stars and musicians, enjoying the good life and doing it all with your childhood friends. Exactly. Everyone has had a dream or two about the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. And since “Entourage” gives us a peak into the celebrity life, what’s not to love?

One of the guys

A slightly deeper look into “Entourage” shows us another important reason as to why this series was such a hit. Four childhood friends from Queens, real New Yorkers, joined by a power-hungry agent that looses his shit every other episode, with breakdowns of epic proportions. Together, they form a group of men that anyone and everyone can relate to. So, not only are we watching the dreamy life of Hollywood stars, but we can actually imagine ourselves in this group of friends. And since they are so easy to relate to, picturing yourself chilling with them is even easier.

Through thick and thin

At the deepest level, I think the reason we all loved this show was the values that it represented. Even if you aren’t drawn in by the bright lights of Hollywood. And even if you don’t relate to anyone in the gang. The values and principles that guide this show are the underlying message that everyone needs to see. This show teaches us the importance of friendship. It makes us fall in love with their blind loyalty to each other. Money, success, fame and even hot girls can’t get in between these life-long friends. And even more importantly, we learn that when times are tough, your true friends have always got your back, through thick and thin.

And I think this is the real reason why I miss “Entourage”. It’s not only about good friends enjoying the good life. It’s about sticking together and staying true to who you are and how you were raised. It’s about a group of friends that share a bond, even stronger than blood. Because in the end, with family and friends at your side, it will always turn out fine…


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