You can leave your hat on

Summer is upon us, and one of my favorite accessories is making a comeback. In the past, hats had many different purposes. Various types of hats were associated with different uniforms, such as military, police and even baseball. Also, hats used to be a symbol of social status, back when royalty and class was everything. As the social dynamic started to change and the funky hats of old started to fade away, hats began to take on a completely new purpose – fashion.

We are all familiar with those iconic images of Hollywood’s brightest stars, back in the 50’s and 60’s, with their big sunglasses and large hats…stardom at it’s peak. However, today headwear has become much more accessible and common. Baseball caps have become routine amongst various groups of men. So common, in fact, that it has even become stereotypical. Wear it backwards and you’re a frat boy. Wear it flat to the front and a little to the side, you’ve entered hip-hop territory.

Amongst women, hats are not as common as with men, however they are starting to make a comeback. Big hats with loose sundresses. Fedora hats, reminiscent of Michael and Janet Jackson, have made head gear a largely unisex accessory.

And while certain hats still serve other purposes, such as for religion, sun protection or uniforms, I prefer hats being worn just for the fun of it.

You can leave your hat on… and if you don’t have a hat – go out and get one!




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